What We Do

US Trinity was incorporated with collectively, acquiring management and supervision with over two hundred years of combined experience and has successfully completed a vast array of pipeline projects throughout the oil and gas industry. We believe our paramount construction experience and capabilities have allowed us to tackle the toughest projects in the industry, some that other companies would not attempt.

Mainline Pipeline Image
Infrastructure Networks

Mainline Pipeline

We offer the highest quality welding and construction personnel the industry has to offer, with collectively over 200+ years of combined experience. We work with pipe diameters ranging from 4” - 42”.

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Custom Welding

Pipe Fabrication

Projects include: Pipe Spools, Pipe Racks, Platforms, Structural Fab, Hydrotesting, Design and Build, and Modular Skids

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Pipeline Facilities


In-house design, fabrication and installation of tankage, piping, controls and ancillary construction of Cryogenics Gas Plants, Gas Compressor Stations, Oil Pumping Stations, Oil Terminals, and Oil and Natural Gas Pressure Reduction Facilities.